Of Luckygrass And Cyclamen

If you see any sport merchandise on this website, chances are Luckygrass did the printing.

I first heard of Luckygrass at Hello Stockholm 2015, an indoor ultimate tournament near the Swedish capital in February. I was looking to join a team there, and I heard that a team from Moscow needed one more player. Crazy Russian shenanigans? Count me in!

And so I went to play with LuckyGrass (the team). We bonded quickly, played great games and enjoyed our time there; shenanigans we had aplenty (we got worried when one of the players explained that he was bringing some kind of drugs to someone in Stockholm, but had no idea what it was. Turned out it was only some cyclamen extract, which became the running joke of the weekend). Playing with LuckyGrass (the team) was the founder and CEO of Luckygrass (the company), Timofei Takhistov. « Tim » was a pretty busy guy, alternating ultimate and management of the goodies: Luckygrass has a lasting partnership with Hello Stockholm and the company had a booth there. They were supplying the players gifts, the trophies as well as the flags and other merchandise.

During the weekend, he told me about his company and what they were doing (he also told me about « naked girls in the showers » with a blissful expression; I explained that they are German and used to mixed-gender showers). I was wearing the samples on me: our uniforms were a « live » display of Luckygrass’s production. We had a black longsleeve shirts (see picture) (going as well as you would think when you’re indoors), and we wore white polo jerseys as our alternate colour. I liked what they were doing and was impressed with the quality of the apparel.

All in all, the tournament was amazing, I had a blast with my teammates, met a lot of people and made new friends. And then it was time to move on.

Of course, Timofei was behind the counter

LuckyGrass (the team) at Hello Stockholm, February 2015

After Stockholm, I began taking part in the organisation of a pick-up team for Paganello (Rimini’s renowned beach tournament, played in April). The theme of this edition was the movie « Back to the Future », so we named our team « Huck to the Future ». We had players, we had a name; we needed jerseys. And there was the catch: we were on a slightly tight schedule and were not meeting the minimal requirements for uniform orders of a lot of companies. I remembered then something about Luckygrass not having any minimal quantities and such, so I reached out to Timofei and asked him if they could work with us.

And that they did. In a short amount of time, they helped us with the design and the organisation of the order, brought the jerseys directly to the tournament and even had time to throw in some bags with our team logo. (As a side note, I also have to thank my teammate Justin Kratz, who provided the design and made things go smoothly). The operation was a success, we were content with the merchandise and our uniforms were also noticed by others.

Notice the sinus wave?

Huck to the Future at Paganello, April 2015

Since then, I’ve been collaborating regularly with Luckygrass on various projects. Every time I approach them with a new idea, they respond with enthusiasm and help me find the best solution (as their FAQ says: « Our most common answer is yes »). With Sergey Leshchinsky, the western Europe coordinator, we’ve been working on bringing Luckygrass in Switzerland and nearby. Lately, I’ve been pleased to notice that Flying Angels Bern (currently, the Swiss open/women champions) made the switch to Luckygrass. We’ve got yet other projects in preparation, so get ready to hear about them in the coming years!

If you’re interested in designing new ultimate uniforms with Luckygrass (or if you can explain what cyclamen is for), you can contact me through email: terrasson.nicolas@gmail.com, and the company on their website or through email: hello@lucky-grass.com