Welcome to NT Design!

Graphic works and jersey designs for ultimate

Who am I?

My name is Nicolas Terrasson. I'm an ultimate player from Geneva (Switzerland) currently playing with the Disc Club Panthers from Bern. I'm really passionate about ultimate, and you can probably find me in any big tournament around Europe.

What do I do?

When I'm not playing or training, I like to create designs for ultimate jerseys, logos, posters for tournaments, and so on. Anything graphical, really. The purpose of this site is to showcase my works thus far and help you contact me if you're interested in collaborating with me. I work with the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator).

Wait. What is ultimate?

Ultimate is a team sport played with discs (frisbees). It's a young sport growing popular, notably across Europe and North America. It is a unique sport in a lot of ways: no referees, mixed gender teams, strong culture of fair-mindedness (the "Spirit of the Game"), etc.

For more information:
The ultimate Wikipedia page
The World Flying Disc Federation website

How do I produce jerseys, shorts, pictures…?

The sportswear I design is printed by Luckygrass, be it jerseys, shorts, tank tops, armbands or other apparel. Luckygrass is a company based in Moscow (Russia) specialized in the production of custom made ultimate uniforms. In my experience, they make high quality products with attractive prices and excellent service. They are my go-to company when I need something printed.

I am also collaborating with Basegraphic, a Geneva-based company who designs and manages websites, works on graphical communication and photography. This website has been built by Basegraphic, and most of the pictures displayed on it come from them.

How can I be contacted?

I can be contacted via email or Facebook (see the contact tab or the shortcuts below). If you want more information (or just would like to say hi), do not hesitate to contact me! If you're also an ultimate player in Europe, there's a good chance you'll meet me somewhere at a tournament; so come greet me, and I'll be happy to share a drink!